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Stranger Sneaks Into A Child's Bedroom And Takes Off All His Clothes. That's When A Bright Light Blinds Him

Stranger Sneaks Into A Child


A man in Concord, New Hampshire is finally behind bars after breaking into a stranger’s home and assaulting a young child.

According to KCRA, 28-year-old Miles Anderson has been charged with felonious sexual assault, burglary, indecent exposure, and simple assault after being apprehended on Monday.

Authorities say Anderson, who does not know his victim, broke into a stranger’s house around 4 a.m. on Monday, entered the sleeping child’s bedroom, and assaulted the underage victim while the rest of the family slept.


"It's probably the worst-case scenario as a parent," Lt. Sean Ford said. "You can imagine happening to be woken up and learning that a stranger is in your home attempting to assault your child."

Thankfully, the child was eventually able to wake up and flee the bedroom and alert others in the house to the intruder.

Police Photo via KCRA


The owner of the home reportedly sprang into action and restrained Anderson until police arrived to take him into custody.

"The state can't imagine anyone who's more of a danger to the community than Miles Anderson," Assistant Merrimack County Attorney Ashley Hooper said. "The defendant is alleged to have entered a house in the middle of the night, complete strangers, and entered a 13-year old's bedroom, exposing himself."

According to authorities, Anderson is believed to have chosen the house on Jackson Street at random.


The sick man reportedly entered the home through an unlocked door and attempted to assault the child, who woke up and got help right away.

"The suspect, Mr. Anderson, took his clothing off and began to attempt to assault the victim," Ford said. "The victim awoke, was able to escape from the room and was able to alert their parents."

Court records show that the quick-thinking child used an iPad to shine a bright light in Anderson’s face to distract him.


Surprisingly enough, police had reportedly been in contact with Anderson mere hours before the assault, but with no reason to hold him, they did not detain him at the time.

After this story was shared by several outlets on Facebook, more than a hundred commenters slammed Anderson and praised the family for detaining him.

“He would not have walked out of my house either my german shepard would have taken him down and i would have finished him off. Mental illness is not a free pass to walk into someone's house and do that to their child. And i am so tired of the blame game. He is sick he has parents. Take responsibility for your child. Stop blaming the government and raise children right,” Linda Roberts commented.

Tammy Williams added: “I do hope the 13 yr old gets a good counselor to help the process of knowing a stranger walked into their room and was able to undress and expose himself..there will be many sleepless nights for all of them. As far as Miles goes, yes he is sick, yes the system let him down...so how can we get the state/country to open the state facilities to help these people who truly can not help themselves? This could have been prevented. But how?”