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Mom Caught Molesting Kids On Camera And Selling Sick Videos Online When Husband Is At Work

Mom Caught Molesting Kids On Camera And Selling Sick Videos Online When Husband Is At Work

Photo Copyright © 2017 Police Photo/The Sun


A New River, Arizona mother has been accused of molesting two young family members, filming the sickening encounters, and selling the videos online.

According to KSAZ, court records show that 28-year-old Keri Harwood is accused of molesting two children multiple times in the bathroom of her New River home.

In the same court documents, Harwood was also accused of filming the disturbing incidents and sharing the footage online.


According to reports, after being caught selling the footage online, Harwood was quickly charged with 10 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor and five counts of molestation of a child.

Police say Harwood’s horrifying videos were discovered when she gave her Pokemon Go account login information to a friend.

The Sun


After logging in, the friend reportedly had access to Harwood’s Gmail account, where the videos were being stored.

According to court documents, the videos showed two children being sexually abused by a then-unknown woman.

Once he saw the videos, Harwood’s friend quickly noted that she had received payments of $50, $101, and $115 through her PayPal account.


On August 13, authorities served Harwood with a search warrant, at which time she confessed to sexually abusing the children on five different occasions.

According to KSAZ, during an interview with authorities, Harwood explained that she had met a man online and started masturbating in front of him for money.

Over time, the man eventually asked Hardwood to perform the sex acts on children, which she apparently did because she “needed the money.”


In the last few months, Harwood told police she was allegedly paid between $500 and $600 dollars from the man for the videos.

Police Photo via The Sun

During her sickening confession, Harwood admitted that she often molested the children in the bathroom while her husband was at work.

While Harwood’s arrest must have come as a huge shock to her family, her neighbors were also stunned.

"There were all these cars, and men with guns and carrying shields," said Pam Allen, who lives in the neighborhood. "It was like an army."

Needless to say, after this story was shared on social media, hundreds of commenters slammed Allen and urged police to seek justice for the children she molested.

Virginia Leming commented: “What is this world coming to? And as someone said below if this true then it proves they come in all shapes and sizes. It is said to say from what I have seen in the news in the last few months that is true.”

“What she did to these poor children will have a profound effect on them for the rest of their lives. What was she thinking? She is crazy as a loon. I pray she spends the rest of her life behind bars & let her deal with the situations while living there,” Gean Andros added.

Morgan Andersonalso wrote: “Sick twisted POS! I hope she gets the same treatment in prison. She's no mother, she's a monster, prison is to good for her. Disgusting human being.”