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Distraught Mom Dumps Baby And 10-Year-Old At Fire Station, Says She Doesn't Want Them Anymore

Distraught Mom Dumps Baby And 10-Year-Old At Fire Station, Says She Doesn


A Phoenix, Arizona mother stunned firefighters when she walked into her local fire station and handed over her 6-month-old daughter 10-year-old son.

According to Fox 4 News, crews at Phoenix Fire Station 22 could immediately tell that the mother in question, who remains unnamed, was clearly distraught when she entered the fire station over the weekend.

"When I approached her and asked how we can assist her, she said she was here to hand over her children," said Elliot Simmons.


Surprisingly enough, Simmons said he had actually met the woman before, when one of her other children, a baby, suddenly passed away unexpectedly.

Fox 4 News

"She definitely suffered immensely because of the loss of that child," he said. "That's why she stated to me that she brought her kids down and she had to leave them with us. She made it very clear she can no longer mentally care for these children."


Although Arizona’s Safe Haven Baby law allows parents to drop off newborns, no questions asked, the woman’s children—her 10-year-old son, especially—were quite a bit older than the typical cut-off age.

While it was clear to the firefighters that the children were too old to qualify for the Safe Haven law, they quickly came up with a plan to help the family.

"No judgment, no, nothing like that. We don't try to get into people's business or justification for what's going on," said Ben Lindquist.


After making a few phone calls, the fire officials were able to provide the two children with a safe home while their mother sought help.

"She struck me as somebody like you and me. She wasn't in any crazy circumstance. She just had some hard times and was dealing with some things and wanted what was best for her kids," explained Lindquist. "It's not a crime. They're not going to be dealt with by police or put in jail. They're going to get the help that they need."

For the time being, the mother is getting the help and treatment she needs to get back on track, while her children are being cared for by relatives.


After the woman’s story was shared on Facebook, several commenters praised her for seeking help.

LuAnne Fahling Orton commented: “We tell people where they can safely leave their children without retribution but then when someone actually does it, there's judgements all around. This woman is clearly in deep emotional agony and it sounds like she went to the right place. Her children will be cared for while she gets some much needed help. I hope & pray she finds some comfort and peace and maybe even be reunited with her kids.”

Jordan Kaiser added:

This is a sad situation for all involved.

I applaud the mother for recognizing and accepting that she wasn’t capable and for doing what was BEST for her children!

And for everyone saying what a piece of crap she is or how she took the easy way out : we could be reading a very very different headline about these two children. People like you are what makes it so much harder for someone to stand up and say

“ I need help”.

Thankfully, both of these babies will both wake up tomorrow. Yes, it will be difficult and they won’t understand right now, but hopefully looking back on this they will see that their mother did an exceptionally selfless thing.